a wee bit about us

meet the two gals and what it means to support the Ivy Club.


Stephanie Mathys



Hi! I’m Stephanie, but more commonly known as Steph. I’m an early childhood teacher during term time, but in my downtime I’m busy making scrunchies and other eco friendly products to use around my home. My Mum taught me from very young to sew and I’ve always been creative, I also love to crochet! I’m currently creating a crochet baby blanket for my cousin. Ivy Club gives me an excuse to get behind the sewing machine and express myself creatively. I also find the process very mindful and really enjoy taking the time to make something special.

Melissa Gouw



Hi I'm Melissa, but you can call me Mel. 

By day, I run my freelance graphic design business from my couch in my sweatpants and t-shirt, and by night I am making sure that our scrunchies are at tip top shape. For as long as I can remember, I have absolutely loved DIY-ing anything and everything - the latest culprit being drawing Winnie the Pooh on a pair of Converses. I have always hated owning something that someone else has - which has driven me to creating my own designs on shoes, cropping my own t-shirts and making my own bags. I remember my mum teaching me how to sew, and from this I took a pair of my mum's old pairs of jeans that she wanted to turn into shorts, and turned them into a denim bag. Ivy Club has become an excuse for me to go opshopping (more than I usually do) but also using my downtime to create off screen.


why should you support us and become a member of the Ivy Club?


Here at the Ivy Club, we aim to not only be that go-to accessory you put on in the morning on your wrist, ready for a hot summer's day, like the ones we've been blessed with over here in Perth, but also making a stop on Fast Fashion and creating them out of recycled materials.

We take pride in creating these scrunchies so that they are perfect to wear on your wrist and on your head. That if they are OUR go-to scrunchies, they will be yours too.

By purchasing a scrunchie from us, you will be guaranteed:
• Fun colours and patterns to go with all your outfits day and night for all occasions.
• You are supporting a small and local business who put so much love, care, thought, time and effort into each and every product.

what makes us different to other scrunchie businesses?


Yes, we are well aware that scrunchies aren't something that is brand new. Being 90s kids, we basically had them as a fashion accessory growing up. We're just giving it more praise now that we're in our 20s. However, this is what we are doing to create our one-of-a-kind scrunchies: taking unwanted clothing from our wardrobes, family members, opshops that cannot be resold or given to those in need, and using them to create our scrunchies. 

Did you know that globally, over 80% of discarded textiles are doomed for landfill or incinerated, causing land and air pollution. This makes only 20% of our clothes end up reused or recycled.

As much as we are just two people, creating a small business in Perth, we are hoping that this takes a small step into a greater future with reducing our landfill & land pollution, as well as giving us a more positive outlook in life on how to make our clothing last longer.

how eco-friendly is your business?


Each of your purchases will come with a branded Ivy Club handmade calico drawstring bag, which the materials have been kindly donated to us, a thank you card made of 100% post consumer recycled paper and compostable mailer bags. Everything you receive from us can either be reused again by yourself, send off to others or be thrown into the recycling bin!