our fabrics for scrunchies initiative


Here at Ivy Club, we create our scrunchies from fabrics we purchase from opshops, clothing that no longer can help those in need or from fabrics we didn't know we had in the back of our closets just catching dust.


This is where you come in. Do you have any fabrics that you don't mind parting ways with or have any items of clothing that you don't wear anymore but would love to be seen as a scrunchie?


Introducing the Fabrics for Scrunchies initiative.


Depending on the amount of fabric you donate to us, you will receive either
one FREE scrunchie or a FREE 3 pack of your choice.


You can cash this in at any time so if you want to wait for future collections, you can do so, plus you may get first dibs before it's released to the public! So ask your nan, your mum, your auntie, uncle, dad, second cousin twice removed, anyone who you think will have some fabrics lying around that's been there for a while.


If you are in Perth, we can arrange for a pick up/drop off.

If you are in any other part of Australia, you will have to ship them over to us. We will in return ship your scrunchies to you free of charge (so they cancel out).