Crochet Market Bags

Crochet Market Bags

We wanted to create something for you that is not only reusable, but also aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly - useful.

The two of us have had these mesh bags in the past where we found the holes were too big, making us fear for our lives that all the wonderful farmers market items we have purchased were going to fall and have a trail of veggies where we walked.

By having a floral base, it is secure enough to carry heavier items, puts your mind at ease that the bag itself will hold your items. The netting is big enough that they will hold everything without something falling out, but still be able to sneak out an apple to munch on if you get really hungry.

• hand crochet by Ivy Club

• made of 100% cotton yarn

• hand wash & machine wash safe (delicate setting

• bag will stretch

* note: price is for ONE market bag. Colours will differ from image due to lighting. Your bag will be intuitively chosen by us.