Fall Retro 2-Pack Scrunchies

Fall Retro 2-Pack Scrunchies

It is something we can't help but create time and time again, since it is the first product we ever released in Ivy Club. We know for a fact that some of you have yourselves a bit of a collection of our scrunchies and it would be rude of us to not let you continue on growing that 


If you haven't sensed yourself a theme here, we love us some florals. It's hard not to love them and it is totally for everyone. It's flexible, goes with every outfit and you can never have too many floral scrunchies.


This Fall Retro 2-pack consists of:

1 x Ocean Purple Scrunchie

1 x Fall Bouquet Scrunchie


Choose between our tandard or the new & improved Jumbos!


• Handmade in Perth, Western Australia

• You can wrap your scrunchie twice or thrice, depending on hair thickness.


*Note: price is for ONE two (2) pack of scrunchies. Your scrunchies will be intuitively chosen with love by us and the colours or patterns may vary slightly from the images due to the cut and sewing. 

    PriceFrom $10.00