Lupini Hand Warmers

Lupini Hand Warmers

All our Lupini Bean Bag items are filled with Lupins, come from a flowering family in the legume family - so they're like little beans. They don't give off a wheaty smell and don't take too long in the microwave. These lupins are sewn inside a calico lining (as pictured) so that you can wash them when they get a little bit past it's pretty-ness from all its use. Each of these bean bags can be purchased individually or in a three pack.


A big part of Ivy Club is creating items that we are proud to leave our HQ but also proud to use everyday. With this winter feeling like it will be the coldest one yet, we thought that we could create something to help you survive the season.


Our latest addition to our Lupini range, our hand warmers, are perfect to heat up together and placed in each pocket of your jacket. If you, like us, love a good market, this will help defrost your fingers whilst shopping. They are also not too heavy and very subtle, so you won't look like you're lifting weights out and about. 


There are a limited amount made for each of our hand warmers due to the accessibility of each fabric. Once they are gone, they won't be back, making your hand warmers one of a kind!


Lupini Hand Warmers:

• Dimensions (Width x Height): 4.5" x 7"

• Weight: 200g

• Made out of 100% organic Lupins - no more wheaty smells!

• Donated, repurposed 100% cotton fabric

• Handmade in Perth, Western Australia


*Note: price is for one set of two hand warmers. The print you have picked will be intuitively chosen with love by us and the colours or patterns may vary slightly from the images due to the cut and sewing. Comes with instruction card as a guide to heat your had warmers. Please refer to the Instructions for use below for full in-depth directions.

  • Instructions for use

    Remove the hand warmers from the cover.

    Place your hand warmer on a clean, dry microwave plate. Ensure that no part of the hand warmer is touching the sides of the microwave as the microwave plate needs to be able to spin while heating.

    Due to different wattages of microwaves, we recommend testing out a time increment that works for you. Begin with the shortest amount of time, if the hand warmer is not warm enough for you, add 30 seconds to the next heating cycle. This will allow you to find a heating time that is perfect for you.

    Please be aware that when you remove the hand warmers from the microwave, it will be hot! Always use caution.

    Ivy Club takes no responsibility for injuries related to incorrect heating of our hand warmers.

    Always refer to the instructions if you are unsure.

    Do not submerge your hand warmer in water.

    If the hand warmer gets dirty, simply spot clean with a damp sponge.

    The removable cover may be hand washed in warm water and detergent, after being removed from the hand warmer.

    We always recommend removing your hand warmer from the cover before heating in the microwave.