Reusable Round Make-Up Pads

Reusable Round Make-Up Pads

Say goodbye to disposable make up wipes and hello to reusable!

Coming to you as a 6 pack of soft, cotton towelling, with off cuts of your favourite fabrics of our past projects, these round pads will take the skincare routine to a whole new level. Simply wet your rounds with a water, take your day’s make up off and put into our handmade crochet bag to wash in the washing machine.

Reusable Round Make-Up Wipes are:

• washing machine safe - use delicate setting

• comes with a pack of 6 handmade rounds, size almost as big as a coaster

• random fabric patterns, making yours super unique

• crochet mesh bag

• all 100% cotton

• handmade with love in Perth

*note: fabric patterns will vary from the images you see here due to where it’s cut & availability, as they are using scraps and off cuts from previous projects. Colours may also look slightly different due to the lighting and editing Price is for ONE set of 6 pads with ONE mesh bag.

    PriceFrom $30.00