Water Babes 2-Pack Scrunchies

Water Babes 2-Pack Scrunchies

Take your scrunchies swimming.


The overall idea for this collection is to wear your lycra one in the water and then when you come out, put on the towelling one so that it can help with drying out your hair over time!


Scrunchies aren't usually meant to come swimming but alas, a solution by Ivy Club.


Water Babes Collection is made with:

1 x Lilac Towelling

1 x Lycra Goldfish Sparkles


• Handmade in Perth, Western Australia

• You can wrap your scrunchie twice or thrice, depending on hair thickness.


*Note: price is for ONE two (2) pack of Standard scrunchies. Your scrunchies will be intuitively chosen with love by us and the colours or patterns may vary slightly from the images due to the cut & sewing.